Eggless we returned

Well, it happened! Exciting, wasn’t it? Sadly the People’s Book Prize team didn’t scoop the Eggheads Prize (can’t win ‘em all, eh) but we got jolly close. The main thing was that we had a terrific time taking on that amazing bunch of brainboxes, the Eggheads, and we had fun as a team. Perhaps I am most proud that I managed to keep secret the final result for a WHOLE YEAR. A career in MI5 definitely beckons.

Thanks to my fellow would-be Egghead crackers Freddie Forsyth, Amy Elliott-Smith, Giles Paley-Philips, Eileen Younghusband and to Tatiana Wilson, founder of the People’s Book Prize, who brought us altogether.

Oh, and if you missed it (or just want to keep watching it over and over – who wouldn’t?), you can catch our magnificent episode here for another couple of weeks.


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